Mims was born to make a revolution in the way people take care of themselves. And to give easy access to everyone to improve their health condition. Innovation has been our key driver, changing the concept of food supplements with a new gummy format of the best quality.

We are

Marta and Clara, two passionate and young sisters from Barcelona. Since we were young we’ve been dreaming in making our crazy ideas reality. We both have been working in leading and innovation healthcare companies abroad. In 2019 we decided to reunite in our hometown in Barcelona to start this new adventure. We have been raised between candies and gummies. So with Mims our own experience and years of hard working can coexist with our family knowhow and tradition, creating something new, fresh and innovative.

The process

At Mims we care about your health and we firmly believe in all the daily benefits of getting the right amount of vitamins in our body.

This is why we work closely with scientists and nutritional experts to create the most balanced and efficient product possible.

Bringing all the nutritional complexity and vitamin balance to a delicious gummy.

In order to achieve this Mims has a partnership with a world-class gummy candy producer, manufacturing broad-range superior quality gummies with the highest international standards.

Behind the gummy

At Mims we dream of a world where fun and tasty can also be healthy.

From the very outset, the aim has always been to make vitamins a fully accessible product that everyone can enjoy, whatever your age, beliefs or dietary restrictions.

A product that adapts to nutritional deficiencies and the specific needs of individuals. Because we believe that taking care of ourselves can become our new daily treat.